General information

Construction system combining a standing seam roofing in Zinc PLUS with rigid mineral wool insulation laid on supporting structures in steel or wood.

Areas of application

Minimum slope 3° (5%) - All types of buildings : commercial, public buildings,  collective and individual housing.

Technical data

Epaisseur0,70 mm
Longueur développée500 mm
Entraxe fini430 mm
  • Natural ZINC Plus
  • PIGMENTO red plus
  • Steel or timber deck

    This structure is successively covered by:

    A vapour control layer with a high water vapour resistance installed with cold or hot glued joints.

    Insulation: mineral wool. All insulation materials have to resist a compression strenght of minimum 50kPa (0.5kg/cm²), at a maximum 10% deformation. The insulation must have the necessary approvals for use in warm roof applications.

    Between the Zinc PLUS and the insulation, a breather membrane is fixed with an overlap of + 150 mm.

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